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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Review for 2012 Golf Wagon (did not buy)

Date: October 19, 2020Written by: GSPFrom: Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Exceptional service from the time I made the first phone call to the post-inspection discussion. In the work I do I know the importance of the initial contact and everything going forward thereafter. The first booking didn't work out as the car sold before I could get it in but I reached out to them for the second car I was looking at solely because of that first call with them. It is hoped that all businesses (and people for that matter) treated others in the same manner. And this is the exact kind of business I have always tried to support.

In regards to their work, they found some issues with the car that I was looking at purchasing which saved me huge money in the long run. I was surprised they were this thorough as in hindsight sure not my past inspections at other shops have been so. I'm on the Island but no doubt will be bringing my vehicle here for service whenever I'm on the mainland.

Have heard it said that one of the essentials in life is having a good, honest mechanic. Think I've found one here.