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Q&A with BMW Expert Mechanics and Technicians in Your Hometown

What are the most common problems and issues on BMWs that you've dealt with over the years?

The biggest issues directly facing vehicle owners today comes from a severe lack of maintenance. In brands like BMW for instance, the manufacturer decided it was in their best interest to assign much longer service interval times for their vehicles. While these extended intervals may see the car through the warranty period with minimal problems, what is left after the warranty is expired is a vehicle that has worn well beyond its actual mileage. Some of these intervals would have you perform only 1 oil change per year for instance, on a vehicle that is driven everyday under normal driving conditions. This almost certainly guarantees to leave behind increased amounts of wear, as well as severe oil leaks and a host of other problems. It has long been assumed that the dealers knew best when it came to your car, but in truth, they only profit when you buy new cars. Here at Andersen A1 Autohaus, we want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment with the least amount spent on unnecessary repairs.

Is it true that my warranty will be void if I have my BMW repaired or serviced by non-dealership shops like Andersen Autohaus?

It is unfortunately a common misconception that only the dealership can service or repair your vehicle while under warranty. We offer nationwide warranties that last 2 years or 40,000 kms, with some parts even having a lifetime warranty. And if your vehicle is newer and still covered by a manufacturer warranty, we are fully certified and capable of handling the maintenance needs of your vehicle to keep it both running as intended, but also to uphold your warranty status. We will always do our best to offer the most cost effective solution to repair your vehicle, unlike the dealerships that only offer one level of service options, which is usually the most expensive option, and not always the right solution for you and your vehicle. We will also offer solutions to keep your vehicle maintained at a better standard than the manufacturers, as it is in their best interest to only perform the minimum necessary to get the car out of warranty and try to sell you a new car when yours fails prematurely.

What are the advantages of having my BMW serviced or repaired by you, rather than by dealership?

Here at Andersen A1 Autohaus, we want to make sure that you get the best possible service for the least amount spent on unnecessary repairs. That's how we grow our repeat customers base and earned Top Rated status on Google reviews. The team at Andersen A1 Autohaus is a dedicated group of technicians that strive for service excellence. With constant training and skills upgrades through both aftermarket and manufacturer provided classes and online seminars, we are able to stay on top of the technology offered by any brand, especially brands like BMW, as well as learn the necessary methods of diagnosing and repairing your vehicle. Our staff is not only trained in the latest technology, but we also have at our disposal the most comprehensive assortment of tools to guarantee that we can fix your car. We are better equipped than most dealerships to maintain and repair your vehicle, and provide a level of personal, friendly service that the dealers just can not. You can be assured that you will always be treated with honesty and integrity when dealing with Andersen A1 Autohaus.

What makes BMW brand unique in terms of its build quality, drivetrain and under the hood powertrain?

What separates BMW from almost all other brands is their determined pursuit of advancement through technological innovation. They are years ahead of their competition when it comes to engine designs both mechanically, and electronical. BMW is able to produce engines that out-perform their competitors, while being smaller and more efficient. This means better fuel economy and lower emissions, without sacrificing the fun factor. Combine that with a chassis that is designed for the absolute best handling and agility, and you have the ultimate drivers’ machine. The interior build quality is also second to none, with some of the most elegant and beautifully appointed passenger compartments on the road today.